All for Safe Water.
That's what we are about.

Aquatechnics brings you the best in class products and technologies, at the right price points, tailor made for each customer.We focus on providing customised treatment programmes for Drinking water, Swimming Pools, Sewage / Industrial waste water and efficient Water management.

Increase customer value with
State of the art Water technologies and services.

The Building and Construction Industry of today needs comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable water treatment systems and services. May it be Swimming pools, Drinking Water or Wastewater treatment, Aquatechnics Water Treatment Technologies deliver our projects with Superior designs, Quality equipments and Cost effective operation. Our vision is to be a water management group who can provide customer value by providing safe water and ensure the profitability of the customer in the long term. For us, increasing access to safe water is more than a business.

That means Water safety is serious business for us, and a socially responsible business.