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If ideas are accelerators, values are our brakes. We believe strongly that these values are the guiding forces which would take us to greater success every time we are pushed to our limits. Our everyday business and culture is being continuously shaped to reach a GIANT profile, for the organization and for our people.


In Aquatechnics, we view cultural and/or geographic diversity as opportunities to exploit and are prepared to adopt successful practices and good ideas wherever they come from. We keep our eyes open to the changing world to adapt the best practices. As such, cultivating a global mindset is a prerequisite to becoming a global company.


We consider innovation as a mindset that everyone of Aquatechnics family shares. At each level, innovation comes at a cost of time to think and the risk of acceptance. However, we understand that to stay relevant in the most competitive times, we need to encourage ourselves to innovate in associations, products, people or just about everything.


At Aquatechnics, we expect each of us to act fast. We encourage our members to act responsibly in order to gain control over a situation and eliminate a problem. Mistakes are encouraged in limits so that an active scenario is not paralysed by analysis.


Nurturing and cultivating talent and leadership at each level is the key to create a high-performance culture at Aquatechnics. We encourage learning on the job and after the job, value personal goals and encourage stretching limits. Each employee is pressed to be a role model without neglecting a life balance.


A transparent work environment leads to greater trust, and trust in our organization is paramount to our success. Our employees carry our vision and mission with all the project stakeholders. Our proposals are, and will remain detailed on what we deliver and truth is valued over mistakes at all levels.