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Each drop of water we recover, is a drop recovered for our children’s future.

It is not far. India is growing, with a silent crisis looming. India is already Water scarce and we are approaching an even bigger crisis as we might face acute water shortage by 2040, with almost no ready drinking water availability. Over 90 percent of the waste water discharged into rivers, lakes, and ponds today is untreated which leads to further contamination of fresh water sources. The social commitment behind treating wastewater has been one of the key purposes of Aquatechnics, and shall remain so for the future.

We are “all for safe water”. For us, increasing access to safe water is more than a business. It is our mission. To achieve that mission, we are driven by our core values, which we collectively call as “GIANT”. And we keep targets on the litres of treated effluent we generate, to drive us to keep growing.

From 2010, when we began in a humble manner, we have been serving customers in the southern Indian state of Kerala. We have become a highly regarded company in Kerala for our areas of expertise. We have worked on a variety of Water & wastewater treatment projects over the years, including Industrial Units, Malls and Commercial complexes, Apartment complexes, Hotels, Hospitals, Sports Hubs, Temple complexes etc. It has been a great journey and it has been a matter of pride to have our customers coming back and recommending us.

Why Choose Us

The Building and Construction Industry of today needs comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable water treatment systems and services. We deliver our projects with Superior designs, Quality equipment and Cost-effective operation. Our vision is to be a Water management group who can provide such customer value by providing safe water and ensure customer value. Aquatechnics can provide all available technoloies from conventional treatments to the state of the art ZeeWeed Membrane Bioreactors. Our associations have been pillars of our growth, and with each year we increase our customer value by providing the best in class equipment and design.